Video Game Development, Techwear Clothing, Gear, and Truth

Independent Studio in Bismarck, North Dakota


Enchiridion Techwear

Extremely high-quality custom-designed techwear clothing and products for the determined and fearless. I only make what I love, and I only sell what I would want to wear.

You can purchase Enchiridion Techwear through the shop at

PWA for note-taking on any device. Every note is a folder for more notes. Launched 2018.


PWA for praying the rosary on your phone! Beads are best, but this app is the next best thing! Launched 2017.



Pick up your sword & shield and save the Kingdom of Vytale from an ancient evil by... Exercising! Coming 2019 to FitBit Ionic and Versa.


Nobody knows about The Agency except for the covert operatives they recruit to save the world from disaster. Turn-based tactical roguelike, coming to PWA in a year or so.


ThreadCo Labs

Startup clothing brands, united. Get your Enchiridion clothing and swag here! Launched 2018.


Greetings! I'm Nicholas Kramer and Enchiridion is my indie techwear & video game dev business.

4 quick things about me:

  1. lifelong web developer (since 11 y/o), gamer (since 3 y/o), and game designer (since 3 y/o) 👶
  2. currently Senior Vice President of InnovatAR, an Augmented Reality startup in Bismarck, North Dakota since 2019
  3. also currently serving as Director of Web Development for Agency MABU, a creative communications firm specializing in high-tech marketing for mission driven organizations, since 2008
  4. 31, married, Catholic

Q & A

  • Q: What does "Enchiridion" mean?

  • A:

    (Latin) A book containing essential information on a subject.source

  • Q: Why did you name your techwear / game dev studio Enchiridion?

  • A:

    There's something about Latin that just resonates with people, especially in our time when we are searching for authenticity and truth. Latin hearkens back to an earlier time in human history when the truth was not so hard to filter out of the noise and lies that spread virally through every medium in our day. An enchiridion is a book of essential knowledge, which is something I think we would all love to find: a book that simply contains the truth and nothing else. No political agenda. No false gods. No lies. Just the absolute, real, necessary truth about who we are, what we ought to believe, and what our purpose is. So all in all, Latin is beautiful in that regard, and so is the idea that Enchiridion represents. How it relates to my work is this: like many others, I seek Truth in my life with all of my effort, and I weave that Truth into everything that I make. Truth is beautiful, transcendent, and moving. It is beyond what even the wisest among us can grasp with full understanding. When people see Truth, they know they've found something special even when they can't describe it. That Truth is the fuel for everything I produce. Video games are an incredible medium and I hope to create experiences and tell stories that move people and enrich their lives with glimpses of the Truth that I have come across in my journey through life. When you've experienced Truth, there's no going back; you've suddenly become something better than you were before.

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