Physicists Discover Small Amounts of Free Harvestable Electrical Energy in Graphene Lattices

The naturally-occurring thermal motion of atoms in graphene can be harvested using a special circuit. Violating a long standing assertion by a famous physicist, the impossible has been proven possible. The amount of energy produced is very small, but it could be used to indefinitely power devices with low energy requirements.

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Imagine the possibilities of free electrical energy! First for small devices, and then hopefully scaled up to larger devices. This will make so many sci-fi dreams come true! Imagine what you could do with this technology...

Free energy is (was?) always an absurd proposition, and anyone claiming to have invented a perpetual motion device (anything that produced more energy than it required to operate) has always been seen as a foolish, unscientific loon. Now, however, it seems that the perpetual motion of atoms caused by their energy (temperature) can be harnessed!

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash.

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