Saint Nick Wishes You a Merry Christmas 2021

👉Check out that Santa Drip😜

Nick is rap squatting in a Santa hat and a E0121U DRYBONE jacket


Merry Christmas everyone. Jesus is King.

2021 has been a turning point for me. It was marked not by what I accumulated but by what I discarded:

  • bad habits
  • wastes of time
  • friends who weren't really friends
  • viewpoints that weren't really mine

I feel that I am lighter now and ready for a new chapter as a new person.

ENCHIRIDION wasn't very active this year but I did what I could do. No regrets! I hope next year I can release many more things. There are hundreds of projects I want to work on and time for only one or two. But I'm hoping I'll have more time and be more productive in the coming year.

My mission is just beginning. So is yours.

The world is losing its sanity and its grip on reality at an alarming rate. When everything begins to decay, every light becomes brighter. We are that light. Our lives are torches of radiance tearing through the past and illuminating the future.

We have nothing to fear. We have the TRUTH.

Never stop surrendering to God because He will make you into a new creation every chance you give Him. And just when you think you can't grow or change anymore, He will grow you and change you into someone even better.


PS Enjoy this haunting, beautiful version of my favorite Christmas song

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