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Saint Nick Wishes You a Merry Christmas 2021

Saint Nick Wishes You a Merry Christmas 2021

👉Check out that Santa Drip😜

Nick is rap squatting in a Santa hat and a E0121U DRYBONE jacket
E0121U DRYBONE #winterops Jacket


Merry Christmas everyone. Jesus is King.

2021 has been a turning point for me. It was marked not by what I accumulated but by what I discarded:

  • bad habits
  • wastes of time
  • friends who weren't really friends
  • viewpoints that weren't really mine

I feel that I am lighter now and ready for a new chapter as a new person.



The new PVC Seraph hook & loop patch is ready for requisition.

"The Seraph" is what I call my logo.  But what is a seraph?

What Are Seraphim?

A seraph is an angel belonging to the classification of angels known as seraphim. Seraphim are the highest order of angels in the celestial hierarchy (there are 9 orders, or "choirs" of angels).

Ancient Knowledge

Information about angels is tenuous at best. Most of...