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It's been almost 1 year since Operative.Online Tactics was released for free as a mobile web game. Since then, a lot has happened:

  • I received a lot of feedback! Thank you!
  • I've wowed players and gotten a lot of compliments. THANK YOU! 😁
  • I've learned tricks, details, and subtleties about the game I've made that I did not know when I made it. This is really cool IMHO.
  • I've had a ton of ideas for improving the game, and for expanding the Operative.Online universe
  • I've set up a wiki on Fandom for Operative.Online Tactics where I hope to round out details about the game, the universe lore, and let you contribute as well!

And now, the big reveal: my plans for OOT.

Big Plans

My next move with Operative.Online is to re-write Tactics using an open web-based game engine so I can expand the game and improve it. As much as I love PICO-8 because of how it helped me focus on shipping a product and keeping things simple, I now have a solid foundation to build on and I want to expand beyond PICO-8's capabilities. So, building on an engine that has less limitations is my immediate goal.

With this newfound freedom, I plan to add many features that were missing from the v1x0001 release, as well as rethinking some of the tricky parts of the existing game.

I have plans for visual improvements, UI updates (that are desperately needed) and new mechanics:

  • Improved difficulty system with more clear explanation of how it works (which is non-existant at the moment)
  • New visual cues for long and short range
  • New visual cues for difficulty system
  • Consumable and permanent upgrades purchasable with Phoenix Bonds
  • Additional dedicated equipment slot
  • Revamped sneak/breach system
  • Revamped AP system that rewards action instead of waiting around for AP to recharge
  • New stealth system that supports silenced weapons but keeps loud weapons relevant and useful
  • New unlocks with Phoenix Bonds
  • New equipment items (the drone!)
  • New mission types with more interesting gameplay modifications
  • Adjusted weapon bonuses
  • Touch-friendly UI, ditching the gameboy-style buttons
  • Tutorial missions that are fun
  • Scenario missions
  • Seeded missions
  • New icon visuals to make things more comprehensible
  • ARCH AI will assist the operative

All of these things are obviously subject to change but I feel strongly that all of them are needed improvements.

Get Involved

Join me on this journey and let's make OOT v2 an amazing game that rewards TACTICS above all else!

By playing the game, reading and contributing to the Wiki, and giving me feedback on Twitter/Instagram, we can walk this road together!

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